All About Crops


We grow approximately 800 acres of crops each year.  About 450 is corn, 250-300 is alfalfa, 100 is for soybeans, and we leave 50-60 acres fallow each summer to spread manure on while the other crops are growing.


Cutting Alfalfa, Summer 2016

We do all our own planting, spraying for weeds and insects and harvesting except for crops that are threshed for grain.  Marvin is a certified pesticide applicator through the State of Michigan.

The alfalfa is harvested monthly May through September.   We harvest most of our corn for silage and earlage in September and early October.  We hire a neighboring farmer to harvest soybeans and remaining corn with a combine which is hauled to Hopkins Elevator.

Here are some photos of our corn being unloaded and ground for feed.